What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?





Deciding to buy or sell a home is a big step. Did you know that 86% of people use real estate agents for this? This article will show you what these agents do and how they can help.

You’ll learn all about their roles, tasks, and skills. Keep reading to find out more!

Key Takeaways

  • Real estate agents help people buy and sell homes by knowing a lot about the market and doing tasks like planning open houses and handling paperwork.
  • They have many roles, including guiding negotiationsassisting with mortgages, and making sure all paperwork is right for closing deals.
  • There are different types of agents like buyer’s agents, listing agents, dual agents, and real estate brokers each with their own special jobs.
  • The term “Realtor” refers to real estate agents who follow strict rules from the National Association of Realtors, but not all agents are Realtors.
  • Finding a good agent involves asking for recommendations, checking their license, and interviewing them to see if they fit your needs.

What is a Real Estate Agent?

what does a real estate agent do

What does a real estate agent do? A Real Estate Agent is a person who helps people buy or sell homes. They know a lot about the real estate market and work hard to find what buyers want or help sellers get the best price.

Agents do many things like plan open houses, set up times for people to see homes, and finish paperwork for buying or selling a place.

They also help after selling a house. They make sure new homeowners are happy and suggest good people for any home fixes. Some agents focus on selling places where businesses go, not just houses where people live.

These agents know all about buying, selling, or renting spaces for shops or offices.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent holding property listings in a bustling city.

A real estate agent wears many hats. They act as your guide, making sure you buy or sell a house with ease. They know all about houses and how to get the best deals. Plus, they do a lot of work behind the scenes – from showing homes to handling paperwork.

Agents use tools like property listings and market data to help you find the right place or buyer. They make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish in buying or selling your home.

Providing Expert Knowledge

Real estate agents bring loads of knowledge to the table. They know all about homes, buildings, and lands for sale. They also understand how buying and selling works. This includes rules, prices, and what makes a place good or not so good to live in or buy.

Agents use tools like the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to find details about properties up for grabs. MLS is like a big database that shows all sorts of places you can buy.

Agents also keep up with the latest trends in real estate markets. They look at how much houses are selling for and which areas are hot right now. This helps them give solid advice on where’s best to invest your money or find your dream home.

Plus, they’re pros at figuring out complicated forms needed to make deals happen smoothly.

Handling the Heavy Lifting

A real estate agent does a lot of hard work for their clients. They spend time looking for homes that meet the buyer’s needs. This means they use tools like property lists and market analysis to find just the right place.

They also help sellers get their homes ready to sell by suggesting improvements and setting up home showings.

For both buyers and sellers, agents take on the tough job of talking about prices and terms. They make sure all agreements are fair and in line with current laws. Agents have to follow strict rules set by groups like the National Association of Realtors.

These rules make sure they act honestly and in the best interest of their clients at all times.

Assisting with the Mortgage Process

Real estate agents play a big part in making sure buyers can get a loan for their new house. They have close ties with mortgage lenders. This helps them guide buyers through getting a mortgage.

Agents set up home checks and figure out how much houses are worth too. They make sure all the needed papers for buying a house are ready and correct.

These agents know who to talk to at banks and lending companies. By doing this, they cut down on stress for buyers. Agents use their skills to keep things moving smoothly from start to finish in buying a home.

They’re there at every step, making calls and filling out forms that might confuse most people looking to buy a house.

Guiding Negotiations

A real estate agent is key during deal talks between a buyer and seller. They use their skills to make sure both sides agree on a fair price. This often means going back and forth, presenting offers and counteroffers.

The agent keeps everything clear, making sure their client knows what each offer means.

Agents also have tricks up their sleeves to get the best deal possible. They know when to push for more and when to advise accepting an offer. This balance helps close deals that make everyone happy.

Plus, they handle tricky parts like asking for repairs or closing cost help without upsetting the other side.

Helping with Paperwork and Closing

Real estate agents play a big role in making sure all the papers for buying or selling a house are correct. They check every document needed to finish a sale and make sure clients know what they have to do.

Agents use their knowledge of real estate laws and rules to guide buyers and sellers through this process. Closing a deal involves lots of paperwork, like contracts and title documents.

The agent makes these complex tasks easier for everyone involved.

They also manage the closing day details, ensuring that money goes where it should, and keys switch hands properly. Real estate pros work with others in the field, such as mortgage lenders and legal experts, to close deals without problems.

This teamwork helps make buying or selling homes less stressful for clients. Agents are there at every step, offering help until the final signature is dry and the deal is done.

Types of Real Estate Agents

In the world of buying and selling houses, there are different types of real estate workers. Each kind has their own set of duties to help you with your house needs.

Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent helps people looking to buy a home. They have special access to homes for sale through other agencies. This type of agent works hard to find the right place for you.

They listen to what you want and show houses that fit your needs.

This agent also knows a lot about prices and areas. They can tell if a house is worth its price or not. When you like a house, they help with making an offer too. A buyer’s agent makes sure you get the best deal on your new home.

Listing Agent

Listing agents have a big job. They work for the homeowner to get their house ready and out there for others to see. This means setting the right pricesuggesting changes to make the home look its best, and spreading the word online and in person.

They might even stage the house, making it look perfect for photos or when people come to see it.

They also plan open houses where people can walk through and imagine living there. These agents know how to show off a house’s best features online too, using websites and social media.

Their goal is simple: get the best deal for those selling their home by making sure buyers fall in love with it.

Dual Agent

dual agent works for both the person selling a house and the one wanting to buy it. This job can be tricky because the agent must be fair to both sides, even though each wants different things.

For example, sellers usually want the highest price, while buyers look for a bargain. Being a dual agent means walking a fine line to keep everyone happy without choosing sides.

In some places, being a dual agent needs clear permission from both buyer and seller. They all have to agree that one person will handle the whole deal. The idea is to make things smoother by having someone who knows every detail of the trade.

This role demands great skill in balancing interests and making sure no conflict arises during the sale or purchase of a home.

Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers have special licenses. They can work by themselves and watch over real estate agents. These brokers make sure property sales go smoothly. They also train the agents they manage.

Besides, they know a lot about different kinds of properties, like office buildings or big houses.

Brokers do many things in selling homes and other buildings. They guide both buyers and sellers through the sale process. Brokers also deal with paperwork to make sure everything is right according to laws.

Plus, they often choose to focus on certain areas, like helping businesses find offices or helping people buy luxury homes.

Real Estate Agent vs. Realtor

Some people use the terms “real estate agent” and “Realtor” as if they mean the same thing. But, there’s a big difference between them. A real estate agent is someone who has completed all required training and passed an exam to sell or buy houses for others.

They work hard to meet state rules.

On the other hand, a Realtor belongs to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). To join this group, agents agree to follow a strict set of rules that go beyond what state laws demand.

This means Realtors not only sell homes but also promise to work in honest and fair ways. While every Realtor is a real estate agent, not all agents are Realtors. Knowing this helps buyers and sellers pick the right professional for their needs.

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Hiring a real estate agent brings many good things. They know a lot about houses and can guide you in buying or selling one. This means they show you the way through all the steps, making complex tasks seem simple.

Agents have deep knowledge of different neighborhoods, which helps them find the best deals for clients. They match buyers with homes that meet their needs and help sellers target the right audience.

This skill saves everyone time.

Agents also handle tough talks during negotiations to make sure their clients get fair deals. They look at offers carefully, thinking about more than just money, like how fast a deal can close or if buyers are truly ready to purchase.

When paperwork piles up, agents take care of it too, making closing on a home smoother for both sides. Their expertise keeps mistakes low and confidence high throughout the entire process of changing homes.

How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent for You

To find the right real estate agent for you, start by talking to people you trust who’ve bought or sold houses before. They can suggest agents they liked. Then, check if these agents have a license to sell houses.

This means they passed tests and know what they’re doing. Next, meet with a few agents to talk about how they can help you. Ask them questions about their work and what homes they have sold or helped buy recently.

This step is like picking a teammate for an important project. You want someone skilled and works well with you. The right agent makes buying or selling a house much easier. So take your time, choose wisely, and read more to learn all about working with real estate agents!

Asking for Recommendations

Finding the right real estate agent starts with asking people you trust. Friends and family often know good agents from their own experiences. They can share details about agents who helped them buy or sell homes.

This kind of info is valuable because it comes from people you already trust.

After getting names, look at each agent’s background before meeting them. You want someone who knows a lot about buying and selling houses, not just anyone with a license to sell real estate.

Checking their experience and past work helps make sure they’re the best fit for your needs. Plus, seeing if they’re part of groups like the National Association of Realtors adds an extra layer of trust since those members follow strict rules.

Checking Agent’s License

To make sure you work with a good real estate person, you need to check their license. Every agent must have one that is valid and active to do their job. This means they finished special classes and passed a big test given by the state on how to buy and sell homes.

You can look this up online or ask the agent to show it to you. It’s like making sure your doctor knows what they are doing before they treat you.

Good agents also work under a broker, who is kind of like their boss in selling houses. Brokers have even more training and their own special license from the state. If your agent has everything right with their license, it shows they know how to help you buy or sell a house properly.

Conducting Interviews

After you get referrals and look at resumes, meeting real estate agents is next. You talk to them to see if they’re a good fit. It’s like checking if a shoe fits before buying it. You ask questions about how they sell homes or help buyers.

See if they know the market well. This helps both sides understand what to expect.

During these talks, pay attention to their experience and skills in selling houses or finding ones for buyers. Are they quick to answer? Do they seem confident? These meetings are crucial in choosing the right person to work with on your real estate journey.

They show if an agent can meet your needs and make the process smooth for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Agents

People often have lots of questions about real estate agents. They wonder how these agents make money and if working with one really helps in buying or selling a house.

How do real estate agents earn money?

Real estate agents make their income from commissions. These commissions are a portion of the sale price of a house or property. Usually, this rate falls between 5% and 6%. When a house sells, the agent who helped sell it gets part of this money.

Agents work hard to close deals on houses and properties. They use their skills in negotiations and knowledge of the real estate market to do so. By doing this, they ensure they earn their commission from each successful sale.

This money is key for agents as it forms the majority of their earnings in the real estate field.

Is working with a real estate agent worth it?

Working with a real estate agent helps a lot. Most people buying homes use agents or brokers. This means they trust these experts to lead them through the hard parts of buying and selling houses.

Agents do more than just show homes. They give advice, handle tough talks, and deal with all the paperwork. You won’t have to worry about the tricky details of home deals.

Agents also know about prices and what makes a fair deal. They can tell if a house costs too much or is just right for you. With their skills in talking deals, they might save you money on your dream home.

So yes, hiring an agent can be very smart if you want help without stress.


Real estate agents do a lot. They help people buy and sell houses. These agents know a lot about homes and prices. They take care of hard tasks and paperwork for their clients. There are different kinds of agents, like those who help buyers, those who sell homes, and even some who do both.

Some agents have more training and are called Realtors. Hiring an agent can make buying or selling a house easier because they guide you through the whole process. Finding the right agent takes a bit of work but is worth it in the end.


1. What does a real estate agent do?

A real estate agent helps people buy or sell homes. They know all about selling houses and can guide you through every step.

2. Do I need to hire a real estate agent to sell my home?

Yes, it’s a good idea! A licensed professional, like an agent, has the skills and knowledge to make selling your home easier and faster.

3. Can any real estate agent help me buy commercial property?

Nope, not all of them. You’ll want a commercial real estate agent for that—they specialize in business properties.

4. How does someone become a real estate agent?

To become one, they must study hard, pass tests to get their state’s license, and often join groups like the National Association of Realtors.

5. What’s the difference between an agent and a broker in real estate?

Agents help buyers or sellers directly while brokers have more training and can supervise agents or run their own offices.

6. Why should I work with an agent when buying a house?

An experienced buyer’s agent knows everything about buying homes and will work just for you – making sure you find the perfect place at the right price.

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