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realtor vs fsbo

Realtor vs FSBO?

Deciding to sell your home can be tricky. Did you know 10% of homes sold in 2022 were by owners themselves? This article breaks down selling with a realtor versus doing it yourself — the goodthe bad, and all in between.

Key Points

  • Selling your home by yourself, known as FSBO, lets you save on agent commissions and gives you full control over the sale process. You set the price and show off your home based on what makes it special to you.
  • Real estate agents use their expertise to stage homes, take great photos, and set competitive prices. They also handle marketing across multiple platforms, manage showings, and tackle paperwork to make selling easier.
  • In 2022, only 10% of homes were sold FSBO. Homes sold with an agent fetched a median price of $345,000 compared to $225,000 for those sold without one.
  • Rural areas see more FSBO sales where local networks help sell properties. However, while saving on commission with FSBO sounds appealing, hiring an agent can lead to higher selling prices even after accounting for their fees.
  • Deciding whether to sell through an agent or go FSBO should be based on personal preference regarding savings versus convenience and potential sale price outcome.

Realtor vs FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

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Selling a house means big decisions. One choice is going the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route, which cuts out real estate agents and their fees. This option lets sellers take full charge of their sale from setting the price to handling showings.

It’s all about saving money and keeping control in your hands. On the other side, if you hire a real estate agent, they bring expertise in making your home look its best and reaching more potential buyers through avenues like the Multi Listing Service (MLS).

They manage everything – photos, pricing, marketing, even paperwork.

Choosing FSBO might mean more work but also more savings on commission costs. It’s great for those who love diving into details and direct negotiations with buyers. However, realtors have skills in selling houses quickly at good prices because of their access to bigger markets and professional staging tips.

They handle the nitty-gritty so you can relax knowing experts are steering the ship towards a successful sale.

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The Benefits of Selling Your Home by Yourself (FSBO)

Going the FSBO route? You’re in for some sweet perks, like keeping all that sale price to yourself. Plus, who knows your home better than you? Get ready to show it off on your terms.

No Listing Agent Commissions

Selling your home without an agent means you can save a big chunk of change. Think about it – no need to pay a commission to a listing agent. This puts more money right back into your pocket.

For many FSBO sellers, this is a huge perk. They get to keep more from their home sale price.

You also have full say in the sale process. You decide on the price, when to show your house, and how to market it. This level of control can be very appealing if you like calling the shots.

no commission fees for real estate agent

Plus, every dollar saved on commissions could mean more funds for your next adventure or investment.

Total Control

Selling your home by yourself, known as FSBO (For Sale By Owner), gives you full power to choose the listing price. You decide how much your home goes on the market for. This can feel great because you know your home’s worth better than anyone.

Along with pricing, you get to set up showings and open houses on your schedule. No more waiting around for an agent to tell you when it’s a good time.

Next up is how promoting your home from a personal perspective makes all the difference.

It Gives a More Personal Touch

fsbo selling is more personal

Having control over how you present your home opens the door to sharing it from a unique angle. You get to highlight what made you fall in love with the place yourself. This personal touch goes beyond just staging and listing photos; it’s about telling a story that connects with potential buyers on an emotional level.

Think of it as letting them peek into what their life could be like in this space, filled with warmth and cherished memories.

This approach not only sets your property apart but also might attract buyers seeking that special something they can’t find in typical real estate listings. FSBO sellers thrive here, putting heart into every detail—from the cozy corner where light floods in the morning to the backyard where evenings are magical.

It’s all those little things that you know so well, positioned front and center for everyone stepping through your door or browsing your listing online to see and feel right at home.

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Pros of Selling with a Real Estate Agent

Working with a real estate agent packs a punch with their know-how on making your home look irresistible—think of it as the secret sauce in getting top dollar for your place. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

Expertise in Staging and Photography

real estate agent staging prowess

Licensed real estate agents bring a lot to the table, especially in making homes look their best. They know all about staging and snapping great photos. These aren’t just small details; they make houses sell faster and for more money.

Think about it: a well-staged home looks more inviting, which catches buyers’ eyes online or during visits. And with top-notch photography, these homes stand out in listings, drawing even more interest.

Agents use their skills to get homes ready for the market. They handle everything from arranging furniture to highlight each room’s best features to choosing the right angles for photographs that show off the property’s true appeal.

This professional touch can mean the difference between a quick sale at a great price and a home that lingers on the market. Real estate professionals know what works – they have seen it time and again.

Their expertise leads to pictures and setups that tempt buyers into imagining themselves living there, which is precisely what sells homes.

Accurate Pricing of the House

real estate with a more personal touch

real estate agent knows the market well. They use their knowledge to set the right price for your house. This means they look at other homes that sold and how much people are willing to pay now.

They aim to get you a good deal without scaring off buyers with a too-high price.

Setting a price is like hitting a moving target, but agents have tools and experience. They make sure your home’s price matches its value and what buyers expect in today’s market.

This helps sell your house faster and can even lead to better offers. Agents balance between not leaving money on the table and not letting the home sit unsold for too long.

Access to Professional Marketing Services

Agents also bring broader marketing access to the table. Your house gets listed on multiple platforms where buyers are already looking. This means more eyes on your property and, potentially, a quicker sale at a better price.

So while you might be tempted to save on commission fees by going FSBO, remember the value that professional marketing adds to the selling process.

After getting your home out there with top-notch marketing, you’ll need to show it off and handle the paperwork. Working with a real estate agent can save you from headaches here. Agents take over showing your home to potential buyers, making sure these visits go smoothly.

They know how to set the right mood and answer tough questions on the spot.

Agents also deal with all legal stuff needed to sell your place. This includes contracts and any confusing documents that come up during selling. They have seen it all before, so they can help avoid problems before they start.

Plus, they work closely with real estate lawyers when things get really tricky. This means less stress for you, letting you focus on planning your move instead of drowning in paperwork or managing showings.

Statistics of Realtor vs FSBO

Curious about the numbers behind FSBO and Realtor sales? The stats tell a vivid story. Let’s peep into how each approach stacks up in the real world, touching on success rates, listing prices, and where most FSBO deals happen.

Get ready to crunch some numbers!

Percentage of home sales made through FSBO vs. Realtor

So, marketers and investors need to think hard about how they sell homes. Selling without an agent can save on commission fees, but it might not always be the best move for your wallet.

Locations Where FSBO is Commonplace

After exploring the differences in sales figures between FSBO and realtor-listed homes, it’s interesting to note where most FSBO sales happen. Rural areas see a lot of these kinds of sales.

Here, sellers often choose to go the FSBO route.

In these spots, folks feel comfortable selling their homes on their own. They believe they know their neighbors – and potential buyers – better than any agent could. It’s all about using local networks and word-of-mouth to sell properties without an agent or a realtor getting involved.

Average listing prices for FSBO vs. Realtor

Selling a home is a big deal, and choosing between FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or hiring an agent can make a huge difference in how much money ends up in your pocket. For instance, the median price of homes sold by owners was $225,000.

On the flip side, homes that got help from real estate agents fetched about $345,000 on average. This shows that while saving on commission sounds great, professional help can boost sale prices.

Now, think about this – selling without an agent means no need to pay them a part of your sale. That’s right; those 6% commissions stay with you. But here’s the kicker: even though FSBO listings might not grab as high prices as realtor-assisted ones do, those sellers keep more of their money because they don’t hand over commission checks.

So there’s less cash upfront for sure, but sometimes keeping all the proceeds makes better sense for some sellers.

Why Realtors Hate FSBO

  1. The increase in risk and liability
    When sellers don’t use an agent, there are higher risks of violations, disclosure issues, contract problems, etc. that could lead to lawsuits against the realtor if they get involved.
  2. Realtors miss out on commissions
    Since FSBO sellers don’t want to give out 6% commissions, this cuts them off the income opportunity.
  3. It makes the transaction cumbersome
    FSBO sellers are usually inexperienced in real estate transactions. This can make negotiations, paperwork, and the overall process more complicated and time-consuming for agents.
  4. FSBO serves as their competitors
    If more and more people engage in FSBO and become more successful without realtors and agents, this will cause their profession a lot of lost opportunity and even harm their existence.
  5. This makes their profession seem unecessary
    Realtors go through a lot of training, study, and experience to know what they know. It’s kind of unfair to reduce the trade to commissions and average sales talk.

Our Verdict

Choosing to list your home with a realtor or go the FSBO route? It’s all about what fits your vibe and situation. If saving that sweet 6% commission sings to your wallet, flying solo might just be your jam.

On flip side, craving that hassle-free experience with a pinch of professional flair? A realtor’s got your back. Think on it, weigh those pros and cons, and pick the path that makes you nod in agreement.

After all, selling your place is big deal – going with what feels right is key!


1. What are brokers and sales associates?

A broker owns a brokerage firm while a sales associate is an employee of said firm.

2. What are buyer’s and seller’s agents

Buying agents represent the buyers and selling agents represent the sellers.

3. Should a buyer and seller have the same agent?

A buyer and seller with one common agent for both functions will cause a conflict of interest. This is because the single agent would not be working for the best interest for at least one of the parties involved.

4. Does listing and selling property mean the same thing?

In real estate, listing simply means marketing your property, while selling means an actual transfer of ownership.

5. Is a broker and an agent the same thing?

Brokers have more functionality than mere agents. Agents are licensed to serve buyers and sellers, meanwhile brokers can be agents themselves and employ agents for his brokerage firm.

6. Is it better to say realtor or real estate agent

Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) while simply addressing someone as a real estate agent does not necessarily mean that they are automatically members.

7. Are listing agents and sellers the same?

Listing agents represents sellers and the sellers own the actual property in question.

8. Differences between an “Open-house” vs “Showings”

An open house is open to the public to just walk-in and showings are for private, invite-only showcasing of the property.

9. Why do people call some agents realtors?

The only Agents can be called “Realtors” when they are members of the NAR, the National Association of Realtors. This organization’s membership has a strict code of ethics, conduct, and standards for them to adhere to.

10. What is a better term to refer to a real estate agent?

A better term would be a real estate professional, real estate consultant, or real estate adviser.

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